Earth Songs intends to provide the addresses of other websites which provide information of a compatible nature.  At the present time, only a few sites are listed.  These are all sites which Earth Songs has visited and believes offer information and/or products that are compatible with its philosophy.


If you would like to suggest a website that you believe would be appropriate for inclusion in such a list, please leave a message on either our Public or Private Bulletin Board.

Earth Songs is totally privately owned, and reserves the right to decline to include any website address without giving a reason.


Animal Guidance
Alternative Medicine (For You and Your Animal Companions)
A Little Bit of Everything

Animal Guidance
        Source of information on animals as guardians and guides.
        Source of a large number of other animal-related websites

Alternative Medicine
(For You and Your Animal Companions)
        Flower essences developed for animals (including you) by an animal communicator
        Source of information on animal communication
        Source of holistic veterinary information and products
        Source of Chinese healing music

        Source of several forms of Chinese music, including ethnic, religious, healing, and new age

A Little Bit of Everything
        Source of--really--a little bit of everything