I did not compose these songs.  I merely recorded the songs as they were sungCascade Springs, Uintah National Forest, Utah to me.  Some singers were clear and strong and confident.  Others were reserved and harder to understand.  But I have done my best to record each song as it was sung.

Sometimes a song was interrupted, or the singer was startled and withdrew.  This was the case with Deer, who sang three verses and was frightened away when I reached for pen and paper.  I remembered only the first verse, and cried because I had lost the hauntingly beautiful second and third verses.  I never did recall them.  But Deer returned and sang a slightly different song.  This was part of my education.  Deer told me that the songs are always changing--the essence usually stays the same, but emphasis and wording is not as important.  She said some songs had actually completely changed--that the singers decided to convey a totally different lesson.

Change can be seen in several songs.  It is clear and unmistakable. You will not need to wonder if a song has changed.  In particular, the songs of Air and Cow show poignant loss and regret.  But even with these changes, the songs are still of Love--with Hope now thrown in.

To me the point of wonder is not that the songs have changed as man has changed the Earth, but rather that so many songs still carry their original lessons--that so much of Life has been able to retain its original vision despite the degradation of the Earth.  In this context, I find the song of Earth particularly moving.  Despite everything, it is still the song of a loving and forgiving mother, wanting only the best for her children.  To me, the fact that so many songs still have their original lessons offers the ultimate path of Hope--that if the Earth can be renewed, the singers are still here and still willing to share their wisdom with the short-sighted and self-destructive species which claimed dominion over the Earth and cut itself off from Spirit.

Deer also told me that as each song is sung, it blends together with the other songs to form the song of Mother Earth--which then joins the music of the spheres, the music of the stars.  Each song adds Beauty and Harmony to the whole.  She said that the loss of some singers--of some songs--can be tolerated, although the whole is lessened, but that there is a point where, if too many songs are lost, the song of Mother Earth will be destroyed.  If the song of Mother Earth is destroyed, life cannot survive on her.

I thank Deer and honor her for her wisdom and her lesson.

I was actually quite amazed when the singers changed from plants and animals to metaphysical concepts.  Although I did not have much problem recording the thoughts of Kangaroo or Rose, it seemed rather presumptuous to believe that Faith and Wisdom and even God might dane to speak through me.  But I have recorded their songs as well, to the best of my understanding.

Please do not expect these songs to portray Native American animal medicine, or Druidic plant lore, or Moslem or Hindu or Jewish or Christian theology.  I am personally not versed in any of these areas.  And I know very little about many of the singers.  I have recorded what I heard within my heart.  The same singer might speak other words to you.

There are many possible singers not included here, all with strong medicine and needed lessons.  I apologize if your favorite singer is not here.  But you can always add more singers of your own.  I am still hearing more singers even when I think that they have finished.

My hope in The Gathering Place, Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, Sanibel Island, Floridasharing these songs--and I believe the hope of their singers--is that they may resonate within your heart and soul.  That they might speak directly to your Spirit and that you might find Truth in them and be led to acknowledge your kinship with all of life.  That you might learn to live in harmony through understanding--as was intended.  That you might submerge your ego long enough to learn from a Cockroach and a Cat--from an Elephant and the Air you breathe--and from the Earth herself.

My hope is that you might return to Love and Peace and Harmony.

May these Three abide with you always.

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