I ask a favor on behalf of your Mother Earth.  I do not ask this favor for myself, but only as a messenger of the Planet which gave you life and which sustains your life.

Your Mother asks that you consider making a commitment to her that each day you will send healing energy--Love--to her or to a part of her, to the plant kingdom or to a part of it, to the animal kingdom or to a part of it.  You might choose to send energy to the entire Earth, to a tree in your backyard, to all the dogs in the world, to a mountain range near your home.  Despite what you might think, each of these needs healing.  Or you might focus on visible wounds--a polluted lake or river, a construction site, the scene of a recent earthquake or hurricane or volcanic eruption or war, a neglected park, a one-foot square spot of grass in the city.  You need not even know precisely where or to whom you are sending energy.  If you send energy to the most endangered animal in the world, your Mother Earth knows which animal that it and where it lives.  She will use the energy where you intend it to go.  This is her commitment to you.

Sending this energy does not mean that the problem will immediately be healed.  It does mean that both your Mother and the focus of your intention will know that at least one person in the world recognizes their plight and intends to help.  Conveying this knowledge is more important than you can possibly know.

Making this commitment will not take one scintilla of healing energy away from mankind, your human clients, or yourself.  Your Mother does not ask that you spend hours doing reiki on a tree, although she would not refuse the energy.  All she asks is that you remember and honor the Mother who gave you life and the fellow creatures who share your Mother Earth.  Your Mother loves all of her children and asks that you do as well.

As part of the favor your Mother asks, she also asks that you share her message with other energy healers so that they, too, will have an opportunity to make this commitment.  And she asks that you ask each of those healers to share her message as well, even if they personally decide not to make the commitment.